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Famous American Research Projects

Meet Rosa Parks
We recently did our Famous American research projects in our classroom. My kiddos were super excited about it, too! (Gotta love that!). After looking over all of the biography books I had available, each sweetie wrote their top 3 choices on a ballot, & I assigned from there.

In the past, I've had my 2nd graders write a report & do a poster about their person. This time, I had them do Pocket People to go along with the reports. I got the idea from a wonderful poster over at PT. They turned out SO cute!

I created some research card templates for my class to complete to help them move on to the actual report. These were then the cards that they put into the pockets of their person.
One of the wonderful teachers on my grade level created a rubric for the kids to use, & I turned this into a Planning Packet.

Then, the kiddos
  1. Completed the Card Templates. (These can be printed on to cardstock & cut into card size).
  2. Worked on a Pocket Person Planning Page (so they had their ideas down before they started the real thing!)
  3. Began working on the BIG Pocket Person. (My class used construction paper, others used paint)
  4. Helen Keller
  5. Wrote their research report.
  6. Gave oral presentations to the class.
The kids had a blast creating their pocket people & learned a LOT about historical figures. I have some very creative smarties!

Ruby Bridges & Pocahontas

Say hello to FDR! *I LOVE the wheelchair!

Sacajawea *See her baby peeking over her shoulder?


  1. Super cute! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea and am featuring this post on my blog. I would love to give you the FIRST "Hot Topic in The Teacher's Lounge Award", but I can't seem to find your email address to contact you. Please contact me and I will send you the code for the award. THANKS!

  3. These turned out sooo cute! I love this idea!!
    Curls and a Smile