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Homework Linky Party

Mrs. Scoma at First Grade FUNdamentals is having a homework Linky Party, & I am joining in.

First off, I should probably tell you that my view on homework is that is should be PRACTICE. I never send something home as homework that we have done that same day. It's almost always something from the week before (except for Spelling, of course). I do expect homework daily, but I do a weekly packet. I expect my students to read at home for 15 minutes, do a little bit of math & spelling. (If truth be told, I would back off of the spelling. Studies show that Spelling tests/homework are not effective & really a waste of time. But - parents want it.

I like doing the weekly packet. I send it home on Monday & collect it on Friday. Parents tell me they really appreciate the weekly packets-- it allows for family schedules, emergencies, etc. I hardly EVER have issues with children not turning in their homework.

I add a cover page to the packet that lists homework per day. There is a text box on each day where parents are supposed to fill in the title of the book, number of pages read, & sign. Here is a copy of this week's cover sheet. We recently started really focusing on math fact fluency & I am adding some practice in for their homework. Each night, they need someone to time them for five minutes. See how many they can get done, & record that number on the front. My kiddos really enjoy doing this.

For spelling homework, I vary the activities I put in each week. This week, they are:
  • Writing the words forwards & backwards
  • Writing the words & circling the vowels
  • Writing the words in bubble letters (a favorite!)
  • Making a tracer for each word
Some of the other activities I have them do are:
  • Cloze activities
  • Make a word search
  • Write the word & illustrate (thanks to a teacher friend!)
  • Alphabetize
That's what I do for homework. Now it's your turn! Head over to First Grade FUNdamentals & join the fun!

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  1. Thank you for joining the party! I love the ideas you have going... they've got the wheels in my head turning! :)