Newsletter Linky Party

A Brand New Pencil is having a Newsletter Linky Party, & I am joining in!

I try to send home a newsletter weekly, but sometimes  it's more like bi-weekly. One of my goals for next year when I'm back in first is to make sure it happens weekly. Here is a copy of one of my recent newletters.

I purchased my template from Busy Teacher's Cafe several years ago. I just checked it out, & no longer see my template, but there are others you may be interested in.

I always include all the skills we are learning for the week in all subjects, as well as the week's spelling words. I have to blocks of space in which I can include notes of interest for parents, updates, needs, & wishlists, etc. There's also a space where I type in school events.

SO-- what does your newsletter look like, & what do you include?
Link up & let us know!