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School Year Success

I'm linking up with Ladybug's School Year Success Linky Party!

I was so fortunate to get to go to a training earlier this school year to The Teacher's College Reading & Writing Project (Lucy Calkins). Wow! What a great training! I had previously "dabbled" in Writing Workshop, but never really got it up & running. And Reader's Workshop? Really didn't know how to implement that....

I came back from that training with a much more clear idea of what I wanted my class to be doing for reading & writing. I got both Readers AND Writers Workshop up & running & LOVE it!! (That's not to say that I have it running perfect....still tweaking as I go).

My success isn't that I  implemented the Workshop approach. My success is that my kids (all of them!) LOVE TO READ! I certainly still have struggling readers.....but they LOVE TO READ! I am just thrilled!

And let me tell you a little story about my WRITERS......
We had a time crunch one day, & I gave my kids a choice between doing our literacy workstations (which are mainly games) or Writing....& they vehemently chose writing. In fact, when it's time for Writing Workshop to end, there is always a collective groan! 

My success this year is having been a part of helping children develop into people who love to read & write!

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  1. What an awesome gift to these children who will hopefully carry that love of reading and writing throughout their whole lives!!! Great job, and thanks for sharing!