Voki in the classroom

I've been playing around with Voki this evening. Check it out! I've just added one to my sidebar.

I'm planning to begin using Vokis in my classroom. I made one this morning that gives instructions for one of my literacy workstations. While I was working on that, it came to me that this might be a GREAT way to communicate with some of my parents.

About 30% of my students parents do not speak English. Now, I don't speak Spanish, but there are several people at my school who do, & it would just take a few minutes for them to record a message using Audacity, then I could upload the Spanish to the Voki. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?
There are a couple ways Vokis can be delivered-- you can email a retrieval link, or embed the code on a blog (or on my classroom Moodle). I think I have hit on an idea here!

A couple more thoughts for uses in the classroom:
  • Delivering instructions to a small group via the computer while I work with another small group.
  • Students could create their own Vokis & then type in text for the Voki to read. Maybe a story or report?
I know there must be TONS more I could do with this in the classroom. Please comment & leave me your ideas!