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Where do writers get ideas?

I created this little guy as we talke about "where writer's get ideas". We already have posters in our writing binders on which the kids have listed, or drawn, their favorite thngs, places, people, things they are good at, etc. But, we'd reached the point they were once again using the "I don't know what to write about".

So we had a little discussion....I drew the little guys head/face as we began & added details as the kids gave their ideas. Here are some highlights of our conversation.....
Writers can get ideas from:
  • "Something that happened to you" -- "Hey -- that would be in your brain!" (So I added the brain)
  • "Something you saw" (I added the eyes)
  • "Something you HEARD!" -- :"That would be EARS!" (& I added ears)
  • ""Maybe you can get ideas from your mouth?" -- "Yeah-- that'd be something you said!" (I added perhaps it was a story you told someone, & drew the mouth).
  • "Your imagination!" -- "That would be in your brain!"
  • "You could write about something you FEEL! -- that'd be something in your heart". (So I drew the heart).
After the mini-lesson, we all go down to work.
LOVE  primary conversations!!

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