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Summer Fun! Summer To Do List.....

Like many of you, I have a to do/wish list a mile long! I was so excited to see Littlest Learners is hosting a Summer To Do List Linky Party. It's fun to see what is on everyone else's list, & it gives me some more ideas, too! I am joining the party & sharing my Summer To Do List....

1. Organize my house! It's fallen apart the last few weeks. My daughter's husband is deploying to Iraq, so she and my just-turned-1-year-old-on-Friday granddaughter have moved in with us. On top of that, I've been so busy the last 2 weeks, things are going crazy!

2. Relax by the pool. Can't wait to get out to the pool with my 2 little granddaughters! My second granddaughter will be 1 in 4 weeks....can't wait to watch them splash & play!

3. Work on my Master's classes.

4. Develop a Project Based Learning project. I'm going to a week long training in June & am super excited. Last year was awesome, & as a result of the training, one of my fabulous team members and I developed projects which ended with our classes creating a community garden, building a  fitness trail, & creating rodeo-themed math games. Not sure what projects we'll design this time around.....have a few ideas floating around my head, though!

5. Organize & prep my Everyday Math Games. I've fallen in love with the way Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files organizes her games, & hope to do something very similar in my room.

6. Work on plans for the year & begin to create games that match the theme/project & support the standards. I am a big time believer in the power of games for instruction.

I am SURE there are more things that should be on this list! I am going to check out all the other ideas on the Linky Party then come back here to add to MY list!
Click on over to check out the party yourself!


  1. I LOVE math games too!

  2. I would love to do Project Based Learning... I'll have to learn more about it over the summer!!

    Magnificent Multiagers!