Comprehension Posters

I made these comprehension posters a couple years ago and my students really respond to them! I purchased the coordinating beanie babies and use them as our "friends" when I introduce each comprehension strategy. I have:
  • Rocky Raccoon  - "visualize as you read!"
  • Spinner the Spider - "Make connections!"
  • Questioning Owl - "Ask questions as you read!"
  • Jabber the Reteller - "Synthesize & retell."
  • Digger the Dog - "Determine important ideas."
  • Iggy the Inferring Iguana - "Infer"
  • Fix Up Bear - "Monitor & fix up!"

I've just posted these on my TpT store, but I'm giving them away FREE to the first FIVE posters who comment & leave me their email address!

Winner! Winner!

Oh my gosh!! It's number 10!!

Congratulations, Kelly S.! 
Contact me with your info: primaryinspired[at]gmail[dot]com

Family Literacy Brochure in Word!

Last week, I posted about my Family Literacy brochure....Parents are Teachers!

I offered it free at my TpT store, & had an overwhelming response to it, and more than 275 downloads! I did have a couple people who asked me if I could put it in a Word document (rather than Publisher) for them, so I've been working on that tonight. it is! Just click on the button below to find the TpT link to download it.

Please leave a rating for it (of the 275 previous downloads, only THREE people took the time to rate it!). I would surely appreciate it!!

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Blog Stalking Linky Party!?!

 Oh My Goodness! Should I admit to my weakness?! I suppose I will!..............

Clutter Free Classroom is hosting a Blog Stalking Linky Party. She wants to know
Which blog/blogs to you stalk regularly?
What is it that you love about them?
Hmm- that is a toughy! I stalk lots of's going to be hard to choose! Hmmm..
Here are my top 5 (in to particular order):
1. Ladybug's Teacher Files - I love all of her organization ideas (labels!), and her tutorials. She's my go to blog.


2. What the Teacher Wants - they just always seem to have great ideas & activities when I need them.

3. Erica Bohrer's First Grade - she has wonderful ideas that fit well in my class. I find that I use lots of her ideas.

 4. The Inspired Apple - I love the way Abby writes! So warm & personal. She has very creative ideas & I glean a lot from her, too!

5. Kleinspiration - She's very techy, & I enjoy reading what she has to say about topics. I always find good tips on using technology there.  

SO- there you have it! My top 5 blog-stalks! Why don't you share yours too? Head over to Clutter-
free Classroom and join the party!

Clutter-Free Classroom
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