Creating a Math Corner

  I am getting a late start on the Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book study. Just found a way to preview the ENTIRE book online for free (click here for that information).

I am so intrigued by her suggestion of setting up a math corner very similar to the way we set up our classroom libraries. It makes so much sense! Just as we all create special spots for our classroom libraries, we should also create attractive, appealing space for the classroom math corner.

I LOVE this example space that Debbie has in her book! It's anchored with a bookshelf & they've used a small rug to define the space. There's a large magnetic easel in the corner where students can work. And do you see the clock they've mounted there?

SO- my brain is already churning with ideas. How can I create a space like this in my room? I'm looking for ideas & suggestions. Does anyone have a space similar to this in their room? I'd love to see pics if you have them!