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Family Literacy Brochure in Word!

Last week, I posted about my Family Literacy brochure....Parents are Teachers!

I offered it free at my TpT store, & had an overwhelming response to it, and more than 275 downloads! I did have a couple people who asked me if I could put it in a Word document (rather than Publisher) for them, so I've been working on that tonight. it is! Just click on the button below to find the TpT link to download it.

Please leave a rating for it (of the 275 previous downloads, only THREE people took the time to rate it!). I would surely appreciate it!!

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  1. Brenda - thanks so much for sharing. I took it and adapted it for a blog post on my blog (! Great information!

  2. I think I am missing many of the fonts & bullets you have used because when I open it it does not look nearly as fabulous as it does in your photo. I am thinking this would be a fabulous handout for our meet and greet day for parents. You were very generous to offer this for free in two formats, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of it as a PDF? Just wondering, thank you so much, I'm going to go see if I can figure out why it's displaying so strangely for me.

  3. I can see why a PDF might not work because of the location specific information. Thank you, I may try to find the fonts I'm missing and see if I can edit it that way. Thanks

  4. The font I used is Minya Nouvelle. You can get it free at

  5. Thank you! I think I will include this in my handouts for our open house.
    Frogs in First

  6. Thanks for the download and font name so that I could get that too. I left you a comment at tpt too!
    First Grade Frame of Mind