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Literacy begins at home! FREEBIE!

We all know that parents are their children's first and most important teachers, & that literacy begins at home!
I am planning to promote parents as teachers next year & encourage them to work at home with their child. I have found that many of my students don't get that extra support at home. I just finished a brochure for parents which details how they can help.....clearly & explicitly.

I've had lots of requests for an editable version of my Family Literacy Brochure. I posted one for FREE at TpT.  Please keep my copy right info on there!  Click over & claim yours! 

In addition to giving families this information, I am also going to have several family nights. I'm thinking relaxed, fun, & non-threatening events that get families in the classroom, let their child shine, & give me a chance to push my literacy propaganda! (just kidding).

My first family night is the second week of school. Children will be able to give parents a tour of our classroom library, show them their book baskets, maybe make a bookmark, enjoy punch & cookies, & listen to a read aloud. Other evenings will focus on math, science, or social studies activities.

I'm interested in hearing how YOU encourage family involvement! Please leave a comment & share!


  1. WOW! This is an AMAZING RESOURCE!I love how it looks so professional!! I will be using it in my classroom, too!!

    Crazy for First Grade

  2. Could you possibly send me an editable version of the brochure???

    I would love to incorporate it into how we get parents involved in my grade level!!!

    Thanks for your consideration!!!

  3. I wish I could figure out how to embed google docs! I've been trying to get it for MONTHS with no luck! I've tried following tutorials (thanks, Ladybug!)....but I think it's hopeless!

  4. I would love to use this, too--it's fantastic. I especially love the part you have in spanish for the families who think they can't help just because they don't know english! I have over 85% ELL's in my K class, so I come across this often! If you're willing to share, my email is Thanks!

  5. This what I've spoken to parents at workshops for years! Parents are teachers, too! Thank you for this great resource.

  6. Okay, we've got to make this a printable resource for parents visiting TBA and have a permanent link to it. Can you get an author to help you with Google docs.?

  7. Thanks for the freebie! It looks amazing! It downloaded in Publisher, which means I can change it to fit my GA info. Thanks for sharing!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  8. I'm so sad. It looks wonderful, but I don't have Publisher!