Literacy begins at home! FREEBIE!

We all know that parents are their children's first and most important teachers, & that literacy begins at home!
I am planning to promote parents as teachers next year & encourage them to work at home with their child. I have found that many of my students don't get that extra support at home. I just finished a brochure for parents which details how they can help.....clearly & explicitly.

I've had lots of requests for an editable version of my Family Literacy Brochure. I posted one for FREE at TpT.  Please keep my copy right info on there!  Click over & claim yours! 

In addition to giving families this information, I am also going to have several family nights. I'm thinking relaxed, fun, & non-threatening events that get families in the classroom, let their child shine, & give me a chance to push my literacy propaganda! (just kidding).

My first family night is the second week of school. Children will be able to give parents a tour of our classroom library, show them their book baskets, maybe make a bookmark, enjoy punch & cookies, & listen to a read aloud. Other evenings will focus on math, science, or social studies activities.

I'm interested in hearing how YOU encourage family involvement! Please leave a comment & share!