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I've got a new look!!

New Improved Button!
I was informed my button wasn't working. Please download my new button & check below to see how to get a freebie!

4 am so excited to debut my new look!!
Thanks to Jena over at 1st Grade with Miss Snowden for completing the makeover. Thanks, Jena!
She does marvelous work, does she not? Please take a moment to grab my new button. Replace the old one if you have it, add my new one if you don't!
Primary Inspired

In celebration, & as a thank you to those who replace my button, I'm giving away copies of my
Problem Solving Poster
an excellent resource for helping children learn how to solve problems in a peaceful, responsible way.

All you have to do is:
  1. Have a blog? Change my button to the new one on your blog & leave a comment with a link back. Don't forget your email!
  2. Don't have a blog? Share how you teach your students problem solving. Remember to add your email in your post! 


    1. I added your button! I teach the students to talk it out and share their feelings. They both take turns and some one asks for an apology if they need one. Our school counselor does several lessons through out the year that helps.

      Little Treasures

    2. Looks great! I love the new design and your button is adorable!


    3. I added your new button! Love your new blog design!

      Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs

    4. I love your new blog design! Very cute!

    5. Love the new look.

    6. Thanks for all the compliments! Don't leave your email so I can send the poster to you!

    7. I also love your new look. Is it possible to get your free download if I do not have a blog?

    8. i love it.. it looks awesome.

    9. Your blog looks wonderful!! I can't wait to see what Jena comes up with for mine!!
      Life's a Teach!!

    10. Mrs. Snowden does excellent work! Wow! I also like your problem solving poster. Great idea for a classroom!
      Please check out my new linky party. Thanks!

      First Grade Frame of Mind

    11. I took your old button off and added your new button to my button scroller! Love the new layout and button!
      To teach problem solving, I do collaborative problem solving where I act as a guide. I ask questions and offer advice to make my students think.


    12. I love your new look! Hello from your newest follower! :)

    13. I added your button. You can see it on my blog at I am new to blogging. Can someone tell me how to get or make a button for my site? You can email me at Thanks!!!

    14. I added your cute new button to my blog.

      Mrs. Polston's Kindergarten

    15. I added your new button to my blog! I LOVE the new design! :)
      Please email me at

    16. I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I would love for you to come follow me and grab some of my winter *freebies*!

      Your blog is very cute!

      Heather's Heart