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DonorsChoose & my TpT store...

I want to send you EVERYTHING in my TpT store!

All I'm asking is a $6 donation to my DonorsChoose project. 
Just $6.00!

Included are (not all are pictured. This is just a sample. Read below for details):

Beanie Baby Decoding Posters
Lips the Fish
Chunky Monkey
Stretchy the Snake
Eagle Eye
Flippy the Dolphin
Tryin' Lion

 Beanie Baby Comprehension Posters
Spinner the Spider (Making Connections)
Rocky Raccoon (Visualizing) 
Questioning Owl
Jabber the Reteller
Digger the Dog (Determining Importance)
Iggy the Inferring Iguana
Fix Up Bear

Vocabulary Strategy Posters
Context Clue Lou
Picture Clue Sue
Dictionary Larry
What I Know Moe (Use Prior Knowledge)
Word Part Bart

Schwa Poster and Activities

All you need to do is 
1. Click on the  DonorsChoose link, and make a $6.00 donation.
Use the match code BLOOM to double your donation!

2. Leave a comment below telling me you've made a donation and include your email.

All of these resources will be on their way to you!


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  2. I posted about this on my blog and will make a donation in the morning! I love helping out and hope that you are able to start the year with a new easel for your room!
    Curls and a Smile

  3. I made a donation of $10 and posted the link on my FB page. I know you will reach your goal soon! Have a great year with your kiddos. My email is

  4. I made a donation this morning. So glad to help out.!

  5. I made a donation this morning, too. Wonderful idea to link your tpt and Donors Choose. I LOVE your new button.

    rkkelly (at) tbaytel (dot) net

    Teach Play Smile

  6. I just made a donation of $6 at Donors Choose for you! My email is

    I love your blog by the way . . . I also wish I had kept my massive collection of Beanie Babies all because of your great stuff!

  7. I made a donation of $10.00. What a great idea!!! I just discovered your blog and products but I will be back!


    Thank you!!!

  8. I made a donation of $6.00. Can't wait to receive the reading strategy posters---the ones in my classroom look terrible.

  9. I made the donation :) I also accidentally put my email on your donor page LOL...I love your stuff!!! Good luck.

    iamagirldork (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I made a $6 donation at Donors Choose. Keep up the great work!!

  11. I made a $6 donation at Donors Choose. Your posters look great and they will be a wonderful addition to our classroom. Thanks and good luck with your project!

  12. I made a donation at Donors Choose! Good luck! Thank you for the wonderful materials.

    A Tale of First Grade

  13. I made the $6 donation at Donors Choose! I hope you get enough donations.

  14. Before I donate, can I just confirm that it's the 'Ready to Read!' project? 13 people have said that they've donated here, but only 3 donors are listed on the link. I wouldn't want to donate to the wrong person!

    Down Under Teacher

  15. Yep! That's it! I had two projects going just under the wire that was funded & this one for lower levelled readers (desperately needed in my classroom!). THANKS SO MUCH!!

  16. Great idea Made a donation and hope it worked as the site was being a little strange.

  17. Thanks Brenda, I've donated $6 now. Wish we had something like this here in Australia!


    Down Under Teacher

  18. Made a donation, too. Good luck on your goal.


  19. I made the 6$ donation. I'm sure you will be fully funded soon!

  20. Made My donation of $6.00 and glad to do it!
    You are one awesome smart lady!
    I love your vocabulary Posters...TOO CUTE!!!

  21. I just made a $6 donation! I love donorschoose! I just got switched to 1st grade from kindergarten with just a day's notice, so I am needing all of the help I can get!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten
    ingen77 at

  22. You are wonderful!!

    I love your blog and just nominated you for one of my top ten. Get your award here:
    See my post here:


  23. I just made my $6.00 donation and my e-mail is I'm excited about using your posters!

  24. Made a donation this morning 10.00

  25. These are awesome! We do a lot with the Beanie Babies decoding strategies. I am a new follower to your blog and am loving exploring!

    I have LOTS of *freebies* with Lips the Fish and Stretchy Snake if you want to come check them out! =)