DonorsChoose & my TpT store...

I want to send you EVERYTHING in my TpT store!

All I'm asking is a $6 donation to my DonorsChoose project. 
Just $6.00!

Included are (not all are pictured. This is just a sample. Read below for details):

Beanie Baby Decoding Posters
Lips the Fish
Chunky Monkey
Stretchy the Snake
Eagle Eye
Flippy the Dolphin
Tryin' Lion

 Beanie Baby Comprehension Posters
Spinner the Spider (Making Connections)
Rocky Raccoon (Visualizing) 
Questioning Owl
Jabber the Reteller
Digger the Dog (Determining Importance)
Iggy the Inferring Iguana
Fix Up Bear

Vocabulary Strategy Posters
Context Clue Lou
Picture Clue Sue
Dictionary Larry
What I Know Moe (Use Prior Knowledge)
Word Part Bart

Schwa Poster and Activities

All you need to do is 
1. Click on the  DonorsChoose link, and make a $6.00 donation.
Use the match code BLOOM to double your donation!

2. Leave a comment below telling me you've made a donation and include your email.

All of these resources will be on their way to you!