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I don't know about your classroom, but mine is running through tissues at lightning speed! And according to medical experts, flu season is just beginning! 
Have you heard of Boogie Wipes?
Teacher's Market  is hosting a giveaway--- 5 lucky teachers will get a Boogie Wipes Teacher Kit!
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It's a de-stressing linky party! Join in!

I spent most of the day cuddled up on my sofa under a blanket sipping hot chocolate while I read 100+ pages of a not so exciting wonderful book for one of my grad classes. Then I had to compose a 2 page response.

I'm not gonna lie--- these grad classes are overwhelming! Hence my too long absence from my blog. The good news is I'm on the accelerated track, so I'll be done soon. (After 4 last summer, 2 first semester, and 3 this semester...I'll be ready!!). I only have 1 to take this summer, and then I'm done!

So, my question, bloggy friends......
Do you have suggestions for getting through the overload of grad classes, teaching, & taking care of family?
Do you have any tricks that helped you relieve the stress?
Link up and share your de-stressing tips! Or comment below to share if you don't have a blog.
Looking forward to learning lots of great ideas!!

Sassy Giveaway at Crayons and Curls!

Head on over to Crayons and Curls. She is hosting an awesome giveaway! I'm hoping to win one of the super cute Sewing Sassy shirts!