It's a de-stressing linky party! Join in!

I spent most of the day cuddled up on my sofa under a blanket sipping hot chocolate while I read 100+ pages of a not so exciting wonderful book for one of my grad classes. Then I had to compose a 2 page response.

I'm not gonna lie--- these grad classes are overwhelming! Hence my too long absence from my blog. The good news is I'm on the accelerated track, so I'll be done soon. (After 4 last summer, 2 first semester, and 3 this semester...I'll be ready!!). I only have 1 to take this summer, and then I'm done!

So, my question, bloggy friends......
Do you have suggestions for getting through the overload of grad classes, teaching, & taking care of family?
Do you have any tricks that helped you relieve the stress?
Link up and share your de-stressing tips! Or comment below to share if you don't have a blog.
Looking forward to learning lots of great ideas!!