Beanie Baby Comprehension Strategy Posters--Flash Giveaway!!

Today's the day!  My little blog is ONE YEAR OLD!
Boy, time flies!

Today, I'm celebrating by giving away one of my most popular items...

Beanie Baby Comprehension Strategy Posters
Using beanie babies as representatives of reading strategies is a powerful way to get kids to learn and internalize the strategies. I often hear my students make comments like, "I used Rocky Raccoon to help me visualize." or "I'm like Questioning Owl, so I'm wondering....."

I've only included a pic of a few of the posters, but the real deal includes:

  • Rocky the Raccoon - Visualize as you read!
  • Spinner the Spider - Make connections as you read
  • Questioning Owl - Ask questions
  • Rocky Raccoon - Visualize as you read
  • Digger the Dog - Determine the important ideas
  • Iggy the Inferring Iguana - Infer as you read
  •  Fix Up Bear - Monitor your read & fix up when needed
  • Jabber the Reteller - Synthesize and retell

This is a FLASH giveaway! I'll be drawing the winner tonight at 11:00 PM
Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment below(with your email address) telling how you like to teach retelling in your classroom.
Let's share ideas!

Meanwhile-- Grab a freebie! Click on the posters to get a freebie of Jabber the Reteller.

BUT WAIT!! Don't leave until you get in on the BIG GIVEAWAY! Click the prize pack below to enter!