Building Words -- Freebie

Rather than using traditional spelling lists & tests, we focus on a word family or phonics skill. I provide lots of opportunity to practice: plenty of mini lessons, and several different activities.

I developed this little activity called Build a Word.

I can program the letter tiles according to the skill that we are working on each week. With a little forethought, you can manipulate the words that your students are able to create.
With this sheet, students could build the words
deep, deer, cheer, peer, each, peach, teach, reach, reap, dear, team, mean, tear, students often surprise me and build words that I didn't think of when I programmed the tiles. They're such smart cookies!

Just click the image above to grab your own copy. It's in Word, so you'll be able to manipulate the letter tiles to address the skill you need.

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