Classroom Design

Okay-- how many others are already thinking about classroom design for next year? Are you like me? I am constantly tweaking my room! So, with only 40 days left to go (YES-- That's right.....40!), I'm already thinking of next year.

While blog hopping yesterday, I lingered over at School Girl Style & browsed around. Have you seen her classroom designs?! Gorgeous!
I'm LOVING this carnival theme....the colors would work so well with my room.

I already have lots of turquoise, and some of my furniture is red............hmmm. A definite possibility for next year....

But, then I came across One Extra Degree's Very Hungry Caterpillar Giveaway. Wouldn't this look terrific in my classroom? I can picture a pretty cool color scheme using these in my classroom too. Hmm.....what a quandary!

Stop by One Extra Degree & check it out yourself! OR -- Don't. (I'd like to win this one!).