Lunchbox Linky Party!

What a fun idea for a linky party! Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics is having a Lunchbox Linky party.....what a great idea!
Here's my lunchbox. It was my first piece of Thirty-One. My daughter now sells thirty-one, so I've acquired a number of pieces. I think it's about time for a new lunch tote, too. Have you seen the new cinch-up thermal totes? SO cute!
I'm currently on a quest to lose some pounds (doing Weight Watchers), so my lunches aren't too exciting. They're healthy....but not too exciting. As you can tell, I take tons of fruits & vegetables. I over-pack so that I can have some fruit or veggies after school. ( I am STARVING by the end of the day!). In addition to the fruits & veggies, I also take planned leftovers. Today was taco salad (minus the chips so there are fewer points).
We eat a little early....11:05. At my school, the kiddos go to recess before lunch. We've found they eat better after they've been outside burning off some steam. We used to do lunch first & recess after, but found that once the first finishers were done, all the others stopped eating & tossed their trays finished quickly and headed out to play. I either have recess or lunch duty nearly every day. My grade level teamies & I rotate. We each have 1-2 duty-free days per week. Regardless of which duty we have, we all get 30 minutes "uninterrupted".Of course, you all know once we walk the kids down & go back to pick up,'s really more like 20 minutes.
Once or twice a week, I invite some kiddos to eat lunch in the classroom...."Lunch Bunch". I use it as a reward & it's one of my kiddos favorite treats. I think it's fun eating in the room too!
SO-- there you have it! Click over to 4th Grade Frolics and check out the Linky Party....I'm on my way right now.....