Teaching schwa -- Flash Freebie!!

One of the phonics skills my students always have a hard time with is schwa. Schwa sound like UH!.....Just like a cave man!

My students really enjoyed these cave man activities, & it really helped them remember that schwa sounds like "UH"!
I used this poster to introduce the concept, & then we wrote words that have the schwa sound on bones & put them up on the "animal skin" anchor chart. We continued to collect words as we discovered them in our reading.

We also made caveman necklaces! Kiddos wrote schwa words, on the bones, colored the caveman, & cut out all the pieces. (Here is a link to the activity sheet).

To get your copy of the activity pack, just click on the Schwa Poster. But hurry! This is a FLASH FREEBIE, and will only be available for the next 2 hours!
The Flash Freebie is over, but please grab a copy of the activity sheet.

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