Guided Math ~~ Book Study!

How can I meet the needs of ALL the children in my classroom? 

Does that sound like a familiar question? Your classroom is probably like mine: readiness levels run the gamut. A 'regular' math lesson completely flies over the heads of some, is redundant for others, and is 'just right for about a third of the kiddos. That really frustrates me. How can I deliver instruction that is effective for everyone of my little sweeties?

I've been quite pleased with the success of Guided Reading to support growth in reading. I can deliver instruction that's tailored to each child's readiness. I also like that with Guided Reading, I feel like I have a firm grasp on where each child is. That helps me know what supports I need to give each kiddo. If this format works so well for reading....why not Math??

Guided Math is an approach to math instruction that helps you meet the varied needs of students. At the end of the year, I 'dabbled' in Guided Math in my classroom with positive results. I saw increased engagement AND achievement. I'm planning to implement Guided Math fully next year (which for us starts on August 6th!).

Take a look at this video clip about Guided Math...

Several bloggy friends & I are going to be hosting a book study using the book 

We'll be hosting each chapter, sharing freebies to go along with each chapter, learning lots, sharing lots, and having fun! Want to read along with us? Click on the book to link over to Amazon to order your own copy. I'm hosting Chapter 1 right here starting on June 11th. 

Would you like to host a chapter? Shoot me an email!
We'd love to have more hosts! The more, the merrier!

And here's BIG news!
 I'm giving away a copy of the book!! 

Just leave a comment below telling us how long your math block is. Mine is an hour & 15 minutes.

I'll randomly choose a winner Friday, June 8th.
**Don't forget to leave your email address in your comment!!**