Guided Math~Book Study Calendar & Survey!

I am SO excited to "get my math on" & start this Guided Math party book study tomorrow! Hope you've got your book, some sticky notes, & highlighters ready!

I created a little calendar so we can all see what's up ahead. It's a printable, too! Click on the calendar to download & print.
Hope you're as excited as I am!

I'm also working on finishing up my LAST grad class right now! Whew! I seriously will NOT know what to do with my time after I'm finished. Well.....yes, I do: blogging....pinterest stalking...blogging...working on pinterest projects....blogging..... I can't wait!

My last class is action research, & I've decided to look into Guided Math and teacher attitudes.
Would you please help me on my research? All you have to do is click on my little monkey friend (survey monkey...get it? lol), and complete a super quick survey. I would really appreciate it! 

Remember to check back Monday for the start of our book study!