Made It Monday ~~My Teacher Toolbox!

So-- I was super inspired last week by the posts of bloggers who made teacher toolboxes as inspired by Pinterest. Truth be told, I myself had pinned the teacher toolbox....but just had never gotten around to actually doing it!

Well, last Monday's stalking of everyone elses "Made Its" got me moving...

I found my toolbox at Lowe's (on sale for $16.99! Woohoo!), and loaded up on scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby & headed home. (Sorry for the blurry pic).  I left the toolbox navy blue since it fits perfectly with my new color scheme, & printed my labels on a light blue paisley scrapbook paper. The papers I chose fit in my color palette, but are a calmer hue than my new labels.That's perfect, because this little baby is going to be living on my desk....and I certainly want it to be calm there!

I've got to give credit where credit is looks like Create*Teach*Share was the originator of this wonderful idea (& the home of my original pin). I also have to thank Lessons with Laughter & Mechele at Barrow's Hodgpodge to giving me the inspiration to actually get up and do it! 

I can't wait to get back into my classroom so I can clear stuff out of my desk & load this baby up! I'm excited about how this is going to help me get organized next year! 
Now off to check out all the other Made Its & see what everyone else has been up to! Why don't you join me?