Guided Math- BIG NEWS!! & Monday Made It

I am SO excited!!

I have BIG, BIG news about the Guided Math Book Study!!

Laney Sammons, author of Guided Math will be participating in a Q & A session with us!!
What questions would you like to ask her? 
Here's your chance!
I'm collecting questions....just leave them in the comments.  

All that I am learning in Guided Math is really guiding my thinking when it comes to planning out my schedule next year. I'm SO excited! If you haven't been reading along with us, you really need to click on the button which will take you to the starting place where you can hop from chapter to chapter. It's not too late to start!!

So-- here's what I'm thinking about my schedule for math next year......
my day is a little broken up with recess/lunch, but that's okay. The components of guided math can be spaced out across the day. I also have a rather short day compared to others: we start at 8:15 (but have 5 minutes of announcements) & the kids are dismissed at, we have a 45 minute recess/lunch block & 45 minutes of specials each day. Whew! When you do the math, that only gives us  4 & a half hours for instruction! Here's what is floating around in my mind.....

*Note- EDM= Everyday Math
So...what do you think? See any red flags? Let me know!


I also have some goodies for Monday Made It!

For School

I made a new cover & dividers for my teacher binder. They match my labels, & I love the colors. They make me happy just looking at them. I put them in my TpT store as a FREEBIE, too! Just click to grab your own set.

For Home
This is simple, but pinterest-inspired. I've been needing some new end tables, but haven't really found any that I really liked. After seeing all the upcycles on Pinterest, I thought why not check out Goodwill & see what's there...maybe I could upcycle something. One my first trip, BINGO! I found this unique little table. Had some scuff marks, and looked pretty rough, but maybe it was a diamond in the rough.
Here's the before pic.

Here it is again after a little sanding & painting...

Do you have a question (or more) that you'd like to ask Laney Sammons?
Don't forget to leave your question(s) in the comments!
I'm so excited that we have this opportunity to do Q & As with her!!