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Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!!
Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a great 4th! Have a happy & safe holiday. Hope everyone's able to spend it with family & friends.

I also want to share my newest 'hobby'. Earlier this summer, I ran across a picture of these beautifully decorated cookies at Pinterest (of course) from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle & quickly added learning how to make these gorgeous, delectable treats to my summer bucket list.
I am just enthralled with how gorgeous her cookies are! Stop by and check them out...

SO -- these are my first foray. I followed Sugarbelle's tutorials. They're certainly not as nice as hers, but it was my first try  & it sure was fun!

 1. Outline the cookie with royal icing. This will contain the color flow that you will be adding next.

2. Flow in the icing. Let it dry over night. (I have absolutely NO I didn't do this. oops!).

3. There are different ways to decorate...for this one, I used a stencil (from the craft department) & color spray, which can be found in the cake decorating area. After the icing has dried (oops!), place the stencil on the cookie, & spray with Color Spray.

I'm also linking up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for her Make It! Bake It! Sew It! Grow It! Linky/Giveaway. What a fun idea for a linky! Make sure you stop by to check out the creativity! More inspiration!
AND-- I'm linking up with Ms. M for her 4 on the 4th linky. We're sharing 4 things you are going to try for the first time. (Another great idea for a linky! I love reading everyone else's ideas).
Guided Math- I played around with guided math last year, but next year I plan to implement it 'properly'

Add an extra computer lab block-- Our school added a netbook lab last year (but it's only for 5th & 6th graders), & will be getting another netbook lab this year. We'll have lots of blocks of time. Right now, we get one 45 minute block per week. I am going to sign up for an additional block each week, & my kiddos are going to be BLOGGING!! I am SO excited about this, & can't wait to start!

Host a student teacher-- For the first time ever, I am going to be hosting a student teacher. She will be with us the second semester. I am excited, but also a little bit nervous. 

Perfect my cookie decorating- We all need a creative outlet that's NOT teaching related. I am really looking forward to experimenting with different techniques & decorating MORE cookies. I have just been so inspired by the gorgeous creations over at Sugarbelle's. I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of the creations that inspired me.


  1. Your cookies turned out great! Thanks for linking up.
    Happy 4th!

  2. Those cookies are fabulous! Wow you have so many great hints to look forward to. :) Thanks for linking up.

    Ms. M

  3. Your cookies look so good! Just think, by the time your student teacher arrives and is ready to take over the class, guided math will be in full swing. That will give you TWO teachers (for a period of time) and you will really be able to give small group instruction :)
    Stories by Storie

    1. Oooo! That's true! I hadn't even thought about that! Thanks for the reality check, Storie!

  4. Love your cookies! I don't think I have the patience anymore for that kind of work, but I love to look (or eat!).

    Math is Elementary

    1. My problem is I don't have enough events to make cookies for. I certainly can't leave them around the house (or I'd eat WAY too many of them!). I guess I'll have to start giving cookies away if I want to keep making them!

  5. Student teachers are so much fun to have! The year that I had one was perfect, another teacher to care about the kids and to have smaller groups with. I love your cookies! Baking is my thing too. =)

    I Love My Classroom

  6. Your cookies look great! I'm a break-and-bake cookie type of girl, but since I started on Pinterest, I've got lots of ideas I want to try.

    First-Graders from Outer Space

    1. Thanks, Angi! I know...I have TONS of ideas & plans floating around in my head. Pinterest is dangerous, isn't it? lol