Monday Made It!

Welcome to my Monday Made It! I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for this awesome linky party.   I've been thinking a lot about math workstations lately. (Probably because we just finished the chapter about math workshop in the Guided Math book study).

I like to do a lot of math games for my workstations. There are lots of different choices available...some use cards, many use dice. I have a confession to make....I cannot stand the extraneous noise that all the dice make!! It really distracts me. I know...I'm weird like that. 

I was really excited when I found the idea of making "casino shakers" at Shari Sloane's site Kids Count 1234 a couple of years ago. How cool is this? The dice are in the water bottles, with a little bit of glitter (to add to the coolness). The kids love shaking them up......and NO NOISE! (Also no dice bouncing across the floor!).
Here's a step by step guide...
You will need:
Small water bottles
E6000 adhesive

 Step 1: Take off the lid, and drop in two dice.

Step 2: Add a little bit of glitter (I found out that adding too much makes it difficult to see what the dice "say").

Step 3: Run a line of E6000 around the lip of the bottle & screw the lid back on. After it dries, you are ready to go!

These can be used for any activity or game that use dice. I like that the dice are controlled and quiet. The kids think they're cool, too....I mean who doesn't like glitter?

Here's a pic of the dice shakers in action. After you shake them up, you have to look through the bottom to read the dice. (By the way, sorry about the poor quality of the first's clear my camera is on it's last leg!)

Now I'm off to peek in at what everyone else has been making! Can't wait to see all the awesome projects!

By the way, if you've been reading along with us on the book study, please click on the little monkey to take a quick little survey. Now that we're nearing the end of the study, I thought it'd be interesting to get a "temperature reading" & see what everyone's thinking.