Monday Made It!

Yay! It's Monday! Monday's are so exciting now...I really look forward to 4th Grade Frolics' Monday Made It Linky. Teachers are such creative people...I get SO many terrific ideas from all the link ups! You all are awesome! 

Last week, I finally finished up my LAST assignment from my LAST grad class!! YAY! YAY! YAY!

I was so focused on that, I didn't get my "For the Home" Made It finished...but be on the lookout! I'll be sharing it soon! 

Here's the inspiration for my Classroom Made It...
I am so sorry I can't share the source. I clicked & clicked & clicked...but no luck! If you know the source..or are the apologies! Please let me know!

This is perfect for my math focus wall! I love the little clips that the kids can move to the correct spot! I love the little parts or cards to store & keep track of. Since I couldn't find the original source, I got busy on my little computer & tried to replicate it for my classroom.

I have just 2 and a half weeks until our open house. I'm SO excited to get my classroom set up....& I know just where this is going! (I think).
Do you have a Math Focus Wall in your room? Have a spot in mind where this weather poster will go? Click for your freebie

Make sure you check in on all the other Made Its over at 4th Grade Frolics! I'm on my way there now!