There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home
It is true.....There IS no place like home. And my home away from home is my classsroom. Boy...I'm telling you...once school starts I spend more time there than I do at home (well...waking hours, that is!).

I stopped by my classroom & snapped a few pics...of course, it's not ready at all. At the end of the year, I took almost everything down off the walls...the floors have been waxed...& the furniture moved back in...but that's it. So I'm sharing it bare bones. That's right...a clean slate. (Well...almost!). took pictures from each corner of the room.
So sorry about the pic quality! I only had my phone with me. (bleh).

View from the door
View from my desk area
View from the computer station
View from the back corner

I was so glad I stopped by because a group of people stopped by to measure for....guess what! NEW Smartboard. Why measure, you ask? Because it's going to be mounted on the wall!! I am super excited because that means I won't have to maneuver around the stand, arrange furniture around the stand, worry about kids bumping it..... YAY! 

The only sad news is that I'm going to have to rethink a few things:
  1. It's going where my word wall has always new home for the word wall. Actually, I'm thinking of using personal, portable word walls...anyone have experience with this? Thoughts?
  2. It's also the home of my "macaroni" table (commonly referred to as horseshoe or kidney table) new home for that too!

Have you ever used Lakeshore Learning's free e-tool Classroom Designer? You can input the exact dimensions of your room, furniture, etc...& then virtually move it all around. Of course, I've already started working on my new arrangement....just not happy with it yet. 

Here's the old room arrangement..

(The big square is actually a hexagon table. Lakeshore doesn't have a hexagon table in the drop down menu to choose).

Our meeting area is the open area down at the bottom. We're not allowed to have rugs in my building. :(

 Here's the NEW room... 
The whiteboard will be up at the top. Hmm...I am just not quite happy with it yet. Still need to play around a little bit more.

Would you like to virtually move furniture around your classroom? Just visit Lakeshore Learning, click on Free Resources then choose Classroom Designer. Meanwhile, I'll keep moving my furniture around! Be on the lookout for the big reveal!!

Also, stop by Learning with Mrs. Parker, who is hosting TBA's There's No Place Like Home linky party,  to check out all the other "homes away from home"! I'm on my way there now.....inspiration everywhere!!