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Back to School Expo

I'm so excited about the Back to School Expo that's happening August 25- September 1. I love, love, love hearing from other teachers & sharing ideas about instructional strategies, management, & well...just about everything! And guess what?!? They're installing my new SmartBoard right now, as we speak!! YAY! So excited! And since I have no experience using a SmartBoard, I'm really looking forward to learning some tips! And it's an added plus that it's all online, & all at your convenience. How cool is that?

 There are some great presenters:
  •  Technology Tools - Cara Whitehead of Teaching…My Calling
  •  Reading Success -Annie Moffatt from The Moffatt Girls
  •  Creating a Fun Math Environment and Back to School Procedures - Yvonne Crawford of MixMinder
  • Classroom Decorating 101 - Melanie Ralbusky of Schoolgirl Style
  • Classroom Environment and Back to School Procedures - Eric and Brian of Wise Guys

In addition to the great presentations, there's also going to be a VENDOR HALL & I just heard that attendees are going to be a GOODIE BAG too! I am SO there!

In fact, I am virtually setting up a booth in the vendor hall! Open to attendees from August 25th until September 1st, the vendor hall will feature items from many, many sellers at 
30% off! 
I've loaded up my booth with my:

Calendar Math Pack

Beanie Baby Decoding Strategies Posters

Beanie Baby Comprehension Strategies Posters 

Do you have your ticket yet? Just click the Expo button.
For a $10 contribution they get the following:
  • A ticket to the event ($19.95 value)
  • 30% discount on hundreds of items
  • Well over $100 worth of items in the Goodie Bag
  • Two teachers will get tickets to the event for free
Don't wait too long! This deal ends Thursday the 23rd. After that, you can purchase tickets for $19.95.
I am so excited! Hope to see you there!

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