Big 'ole sale!!

Have you already started putting things in your cart in preparation for the TpT Back to School Sale? My cart is fair to bursting! I can't wait to click purchase & start the printing!!
Everything in my store will also be 20% off. Use the code BTS12 to get an additional 10% off which makes an actual 28% off. Wowie! Wow! Wow! as Junie B. would say....that's awesome.

I also wanted to join in the product premiere blog hop (but it closed before I got home from school to post...bummer). But I can still preview my products for you. 

Perfect for getting your classroom ready for the new school year...

My top seller are my Beanie Baby Decoding Posters. I LOVE using these in my classroom.  They just work so well with my kiddos. Each decoding strategy has a beanie baby 'spokesperson':
Lips the Fish reminds them to get their lips ready for those letter sounds.
Chunky Monkey reminds them to look for chunks they know within an unknown word.
And  Stretchy Snake reminds them to S -T - R - E - T - C - H out the sounds. 
There are 5 other strategies and characters: Skippy the Frog (Skip the word & come back to it), Eagle Eye (look for picture clues to help figure out a word), Flippy the Dolphin (flip that vowel sound), Tryin' Lion (keep trying), & Helpful Kangaroo (ask for help). 

I also have Beanie Baby Comprehension Posters. I always use the posters (both these and the decoding ones) for mini-lessons and we post it along with the beanie baby on the wall. It's interesting to hear my kiddos suggest to a friend to "do Lips the Fish", or to "think about Jabber the Reteller" or say, "I'm just like Iggy the Inferring Iguana".
The Comprehension Poster pack includes:
Rocky Raccoon (who advocate visualizing)
Spinner the Spider (making connections)
Questioning Owl
Digger the Dog (determining importance)
 Fix Up Bear (monitor & use fix up strategies)
Jabber the Reteller
Iggy the Inferring Iguana

My Calendar Math Pack is also 20% off. I've been using it this week-- we've already got our first week in! I'm pleased to say the routine is going well. I'll post about that early next week.

And please check out the Vocabulary Strategy Posters! These also have strategies paired with characters. The characters work so well with the Beanie Baby Posters, that I decided to create characters for vocabulary too! You'll find
Context Clue Lou
Picture Clue Sue
What I Know Moe (prior knowledge)
Dictionary Larry
Word Part Bart (use word parts to help you figure out a word) 

And just to make the big 'ole sale even uber awesome would it be if you WON a $25 TpT gift card just in time for the sale?! Click over to Tonya's Treats for Teachers to find out how you can win!

Good luck & happy shopping!!

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