Calendar Math- Using Your Students' Agendas & Calendar Journals

After reading Guided Math, & reading everyone's thoughts & ideas about the process of guided math in the classroom, I decided I needed to seriously amp up my math meeting/calendar math time. As Laney Sammons, the author of the book, suggested, I took a look at the Common Core Standards & thought about the skills my kiddos typically struggle with or need more practice in. 

I also wanted to find a way to use the agendas my students get from school for our calendar time. So I found a way to use the agendas & created a calendar math journal. I really like how using the agendas help my kiddos get familiar with the format of an agenda & give them practice in using it. But the agenda is just not big enough for everything to fit in (at least in first or second graders' handwriting!). I wanted my kiddos to graph the weather monthly, so I designed the journal in the pack to be created monthly: cover, weather graph, & the number of pages needed for the month.

I created a pack that includes these skills & activities, & here's where my kiddos will be recording it:

In the agendas:
  • Code the date
  • Determine if the date is odd or even
  • Days of School, & record it in flats, longs, & cubes
  • We'll use a rubber stamp to stamp a blank analog clock face, & the kiddos will duplicate the time I have set on the Focus Wall clock. We'll then write the time.
In their Calendar Journals:
  • Graph the weather
  • Record the "Number of the Day", represent it in hundreds, tens, & ones
  • Write the expanded notation for the number of the day
  • Name Collection Box- record different ways to represent the number I've written in the Name Collection Box on the wall
  •  Fact Family House - We'll choose a domino & write the fact family represented
  • Coins - in their journals, kiddos will draw the coins I have on the board, & will write the amount total
  • Function Machine -On the wall,  I can either give them the rule and fill a few boxes in the chart for them to finish off...OR I can fill in a few boxes, let them determine the rule & complete the rest of the chart.

I know that sounds like a lot....I'm planning to start off with just a few of the skills in the journal, & we'll add as we become more efficient with our time. 

The Calendar Math Pack is in my TpT store. Just print it out, assemble your wall & the journals, & you good to go! I'm so excited about my newest product...I'm going to give it away to the first three people who leave a comment with their email!