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Calendar Math- Using Your Students' Agendas & Calendar Journals

After reading Guided Math, & reading everyone's thoughts & ideas about the process of guided math in the classroom, I decided I needed to seriously amp up my math meeting/calendar math time. As Laney Sammons, the author of the book, suggested, I took a look at the Common Core Standards & thought about the skills my kiddos typically struggle with or need more practice in. 

I also wanted to find a way to use the agendas my students get from school for our calendar time. So I found a way to use the agendas & created a calendar math journal. I really like how using the agendas help my kiddos get familiar with the format of an agenda & give them practice in using it. But the agenda is just not big enough for everything to fit in (at least in first or second graders' handwriting!). I wanted my kiddos to graph the weather monthly, so I designed the journal in the pack to be created monthly: cover, weather graph, & the number of pages needed for the month.

I created a pack that includes these skills & activities, & here's where my kiddos will be recording it:

In the agendas:
  • Code the date
  • Determine if the date is odd or even
  • Days of School, & record it in flats, longs, & cubes
  • We'll use a rubber stamp to stamp a blank analog clock face, & the kiddos will duplicate the time I have set on the Focus Wall clock. We'll then write the time.
In their Calendar Journals:
  • Graph the weather
  • Record the "Number of the Day", represent it in hundreds, tens, & ones
  • Write the expanded notation for the number of the day
  • Name Collection Box- record different ways to represent the number I've written in the Name Collection Box on the wall
  •  Fact Family House - We'll choose a domino & write the fact family represented
  • Coins - in their journals, kiddos will draw the coins I have on the board, & will write the amount total
  • Function Machine -On the wall,  I can either give them the rule and fill a few boxes in the chart for them to finish off...OR I can fill in a few boxes, let them determine the rule & complete the rest of the chart.

I know that sounds like a lot....I'm planning to start off with just a few of the skills in the journal, & we'll add as we become more efficient with our time. 

The Calendar Math Pack is in my TpT store. Just print it out, assemble your wall & the journals, & you good to go! I'm so excited about my newest product...I'm going to give it away to the first three people who leave a comment with their email!


  1. This is so bright and cheery! I've been looking for something new for my calendar too since reading Guided Math. I already have your weather part and love it! Thank you for your hard work! I teach second grade and use agendas too. Love this idea!

    1. I'm so glad! I've been neglecting using our agendas forever! I'm looking forward to using them for math this year!

  2. My email is I forgot to post it!!

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  4. Cute!! :)

  5. This would be great!

  6. WOW...just what I was looking for! Perfect for my math area!

  7. Aww, man - missed it by a mile! It looks great, Brenda. I like the way you have your calendar board set up, too.
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  8. Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments! It really put a smile on my face!

  9. Aawww, I wish you posted this last week!! After reading the book I wanted to incorporate calendar math but couldn't wrap my head around it...even after reading others' posts about their calendar math. Your post is exactly what I needed :) I will definitely put on my wish list.

    One Class, One Sound

  10. Ever believe in fate?! I know that finding your blog today was meant to be because I've been working on my math. I think this would be a perfect activity for my kids to do during workshop. I plan on teaching/reviewing each concept with them prior to having them do this independently (of course I will find out who needs the review first). Thank you so much. I'm off to your TPT site, which I will also be following! :)
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    1. I'm so glad it works for you! Hope you & your kiddos enjoy using it! I'd love to see/hear how you're using it once it gets up & running.

  11. I was just looking on pinterest today for a calendar wall that is clean and simple. I am going to try to copy yours! Checking out your pack on Tpt, too!
    Thanks for the inspiration!