Student Websites for Literacy or Word Work Practice Blog Hop!

Have you heard of GameGoo?

GameGoo comes from the makers of Earobics, a leader in language and literacy software. From the website: "GameGoo is home for fun, stick-with-you educational games, that help students build early reading skills, identified as important education building blocks in state curriculum standards. This means that when students play the GameGoo games they are practicing skills they are learning in class. The games are also based solidly in education and literacy research, full of rich stories and characters to engage students in learning adventures".

The games at GameGoo are specifically geared toward K-2 and truly do target those early reading skills. My kiddos love using GameGoo in my classroom as part of literacy workstations. Take a look at this video review:

Do you have websites you like to use for literacy workstations?
I'm hosting a blog hop so we can all share our favorite websites & collect some new ones to use in the classroom! Please feel free to link up as often as you'd like! Share the title(s) of the website in the blog hop & link back to your blog where you describe the website(s) you're sharing. This is a blog hop...don't forget to grab the code to add to your post on your blog. The collection will appear on your blog & update as others share more sites! Voila!! An easy way to add to your personal website collection!

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