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Hittin' the Sales

So...did you hit the Black Friday sales? I LOVE starting my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. I didn't hit the early sales this year. We decided to sleep in a bit this morning. Had a great time shopping with my family. I also did some online shopping last night & this morning. LOVE the convenience! I'm feeling a bit guilty because after I got home & tallied up my purchases, I discovered I actually ended up with more for myself. Oops! Shhhh! Don't tell!

Speaking of making purchases....I'm working on an Economics unit for the month of December. It's still kind of just floating around in my head, but I'm thinking PBL (project based learning) style...I'd really like my kiddos to develop ideas for & create products to actually sell. Stay'll be up here soon!

I'm also super excited about the SALES happening at Teacher's Notebook this weekend! Woohoo! Up to 55% off! I'm already shopping around over there (see...I told you I'm ending up with more for me! LOL). I'm happy to be participating in the sale, too! EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% off. TN is also giving an additional 10% off! 

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