Easi-Speak USB Recorder Review & Giveaway!!

I was SO excited when I Learning Resources contacted me to review the Easi-Speak USB Recorder!! Wow! What a super cool thing to have as a tool in my classroom!

My kiddos were just about as excited as I was, too. They have really enjoyed using it. There are TONS of things you can use the Easi-Speak for, but what I like most about it is the MOTIVATION factor! Let me tell you, even my most reluctant reader is anxious to have a turn using it! I mean, come on! It's an awesomely cool little microphone...that really records your voice! I mean, come on! That's just too cool for school!
Plus-- as teacher, it kinda lets me clone myself! haha! I can sorta listen to more than one kiddo read at the same time!
  • Super easy to use....one button records!
  • 4 hours of audio storage
  • Charges on a computer via USB-- No Batteries Needed!
  • Headphone jack for individual listening. 
  • Downloads audio files to computer
  • Audio files can be shared via email with parents, other teachers, etc., or even uploaded to classroom websites!

Here are some of the ways I've already used it in my classroom:
  • Recording independent reading
  • Recording partner reading--- it's kind of like interviewing!
  • Small groups recorded their readers' theater
 Pretty soon, we'll be working on our Famous Americans report, & I'm planning to have the kiddos record their written reports then upload them online along with pics of their Pocket People.

I know there are TONS more ways that the Easi-Speak can be used in the classroom.......I'm hoping you'll share some of your ideas. 

Here's the super-cool part where I tell you that Learning Resources also would like to giveaway one of these sweet little gadgets to one of you! Woohoo! How awesome is that?!

 Just enter right here on the little rafflecopter doo-hickey......

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