Fraction Freebies!

We've been working on fractions this week, and while my kiddos seem to be getting it (and are really enjoying learning about fractions), I've noticed that many of them are not comfortable referring to fractions in word form. Instead of saying three fourths, they'll say "three out of four"........or instead of five sixths, they'll say "five out of six". Technically, that is correct, but they need to learn to say one fourth, two sevenths, five eighths, etc.

I made a couple games to help them practice. The first game is an I Have Who Has. In this game, kiddos will need to identify the number and word forms as well as the model. The second game is a simple concentration game......matching the model to the word form. I'll be doing the I Have Who Has a couple times next week and adding the concentration game to our workstations for the week.

Just click on the pictures to download your copies from Dropbox.