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Pinspired-- Plans for Tutoring.....

I am so excited about a new endeavor that starts today. My school is beginning an after school tutoring program. From 3:00 to 4:00, I'll be tutoring a small group of my kiddos (& one from the classroom next door). I am SO excited about what this opportunity means for these kiddos! These are kiddos who just need that little extra push to put them over into confidently able to read and do math rather than a little bit weak in both and not sure of themselves.

For reading, I am going to focus on building fluency. One of the tools I'm going to use is Christina Bainbridge's Fry Phrases Fluency Packs. I think these will be a powerful way to help my kiddos build their fluency.

We're also going to be having tons of fun using the Easi-Speak to assist us in building fluency. My kiddos are just SO motivated when they get to use it. While one child is using the Easi-Speak, I'll be working with the others. Don't forget to enter my Easi Speak Giveaway!! You'll love it! Just click the image and enter on the Rafflecopter. Easy peasy!!

In math, I'm going to start by giving them some practice with 100s charts. Have you seen these 100 Chart Puzzles floating around on Pinterest? I found the original source at Mrs. T's First Grade Class. We're going to be using these tomorrow. On Day 2, I'm going to let them cut up their own 100s Chart to make their own puzzles which they'll trade with each other to solve. I think they're going to love taking the puzzles they made home to their families, too!

On Day 3, I'm going to have them make their own puzzles again, but add a digit in the hundreds place so that their puzzles are now from the 300s, 700s, etc. These kiddos are a bit iffy when the puzzle is 67, 68, 77, 78....
But they're blown out of the water when it's 567, 568, 577, 578. I'm hoping having them add the digit for the hundred is going to help them see that the pattern remains the same no matter the hundred  ( and then later thousand).

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  1. I LOVE this 100 chart idea! I'm going to have to create some of these. The kids will think they are having fun, all while learning a ton :)
    Thanks for linking up Brenda :D