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Techy Tuesday & a WINNER!

Have you heard of Dropbox? Have you tried out Dropbox? Oh. My. Goodness!! I just absolutely love, love, LOVE Dropbox!
After surviving the untimely death of my laptop......and the loss of ALL the files I had failed to back up, I got an external hard drive. I thought I loved the external hard drive because I could save everything to matter what computer I was using...home, computer.......etc. BUT the external hard drive suffered an even MORE untimely death.........along with all the files I once again had failed to back up. When my newest little purple plaid netbook started showing signs of illness, I thought I better find a way to back everything up NOW........before it fries too!
So-- I researched just a little bit and learned about Dropbox. It is absolutely FABULOUS!
For one thing, I was able to quickly upload ALL of my files from my ailing laptop.........shew!. All of my files are now safely stored securely online. I can access them from any computer.........just log into Dropbox and there they are!!

Image Source: Dropbox
But the absolute best thing is that you can install Dropbox on your computer AND on your phone! I've installed it on both my poor, ailing laptop and my school computer. Now I have a little Dropbox icon down on the bottom bar of my computer........all I have to do to access any of my files is to click on the little icon. A menu pops up on the screen and there it all is! I LOVE being able to access it all, edit it all, and save it all all in one place! And best of all.......I don't have to worry about losing my files anymore!! Woohoo!

AND-- you also can SHARE from Dropbox! The last couple of freebies I've shared have been shared right from my Dropbox. How cool is that?!?! You should really check out Dropbox and see what you think of all the features. Just click the Dropbox image to learn more.   I'm linking up with Technology Tailgate's Techie Tuesday Link Up AND Queen of the First Grade Jungle's Techy Teacher Tuesday. Make sure you stop by and check out more great techie ideas!

AND--- In other news................
Announcing the winner of the Easi-Speak USB Recorder Giveaway......

Look for an email on its way to you, Irene!


  1. Yay! You have made my day! I am so excited!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. I LOVE DROPBOX! I am near capacity though and am faced with the decision of whether I should subscribe or not!