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Blog Hoppin' Freebie Fun!

Hope you've been having fun zippin' down the freebie trail with us! We're almost to the end. . . tomorrow is the last day.
Today, you'll start out at Pitner's Potpourri
hop over to Teaching in Room 6, 
 and end at Joy in 6th.

Saturday is our last day we'll be zippin' down that freebie trail. 
zip over to SOS Supply
and then zip to the end of the trail with The Schroeder Page

Hope you've got your baskets ready to go!

Miss any of the 28 freebie stops?? No worries. . . just click on that cute patootie bunny in the car down there and you can start zippin' down the freebie trail from the very beginning! Hope you'll snag lots of freebies and have tons of fun!

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