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Facebook fan FREEBIE & Blog Hoppin' Fun!!

My kiddos are ready to move beyond thinking about area as just 'counting up the squares' to thinking about it as an array. It's important that once they understand that area is the measurement of how much an object holds (like square inches or square centimeters), that they begin seeing area and how it relates to multiplication or addition. I designed this activity to help them move from counting to that concept.

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Have you had your fill of freebies yet? Okay--- that was just rhetorical....I know that we never have enough freebies! Hahaha! There are a couple of fabulous blog hops going on that I'm a part of. Have you started hopping yet?

Mrs. Leeby is hosting a Hippity Blog Hop that I'm a part of. Just click on the button to get started! 

I'm also hosting a blog hop that lasts ALL WEEK LONG!! There are 27 FABULOUS bloggers on this freebie trail!!! 3-4 hops each day. Reach the end of the hop for that day? No worries...there will be three or four stops the  next.....just keep hoppin'!
The fun all starts here:

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