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Hear-All Recorder GIVEAWAY!

I was super excited when Learning Resources contacted me asking if I'd like to review their Hear-All Assessment Recorder! Are you kidding me?! Of course, I'd LOVE to!!

We've used this puppy in our classroom for so many things! Recording
  • Partner reading
  • Individual students
  • Workstation conversations (can we say accountability?)
  • Readers theaters
What I like MOST about it is how it motivates my reluctant readers, or the ones who spend reading workshop time "reading". The kiddos LOVE using it, & it really keeps them engaged and on track.

It has some other great features, too:
  • No batteries! It charges off your computer.
  • Audio files can be easily downloaded.
  • Easy to use!!
And here is the super-exciting part where I get to tell you that I am hosting a GIVEAWAY for this wonderful product!! Just follow the directions down there in the rafflecopter. . . . easy-peasy!!

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  1. Just found your blog via the Friday High Five! :) Lovin' it already! I just started a Facebook page too! I'm excited to see how you develop I can learn too!