HUH?!?! What Did You Say?!?

What Did They Say!?


Oh my goodness! One of the perks of my job is that I get to be part of or at least listen in to these precious conversations. Here is my funniest one to date. . . .
Let me set the scene for you:
First Grade. We are out at recess one little guy is following me around chattering away.
My classroom is nearly 50% ELL. This little guy speaks with some broken English, a little bit of an accent, and probably that subtle speech impediment that nearly ALL primary kids have.

So were walking around the playground.

Boy: Guess what I got. My cousin gave me a KEE NEE.
Me: (Racking my brain, trying to figure out what a KEE NEE is) Oh, that sounds exciting.
Boy: (Nods his head in agreement) Yes. I got one and my cousin have one too. I don't like it.
Me: (Now having determined that he is talking about ZUCCHINI

Me: Oh, it's delicious. You'll like it.
Boy: (Looks at me incredulously).
Me: (Now trying to encourage him to try this new food). Oh, it's so good! You can fry it. . . Mmmmm!
Boy: (Now looking at me as though I have grown another head). We're not going to EAT it!
Me: (Trying again to encourage him to try this food) Oh, but it's so good. You can cut it up and dip it in ranch dip. Yum!
Boy: (Looks a little disgusted)

He continues following me around. After a bit, he begins talking about the KEE NEE again.
Boy: It's black.
Me: (Aha! I think. . .not zucchini.. . .must be EGGPLANT. . .so I ask him:)
Me: (Trying to confirm that I am correct) What does it look like?
Boy: It has fur.

Me: (FUR? FUR? WAIT A MINUTE!!!!) Are you talking about a

Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe it! No WONDER he looked at me as if I'd just sprouted another head!
I had just told him to
FRY his pet guinea pig!!

No-- that wasn't good enough. . .
He should CUT IT UP and dip it in ranch!

This HAS GOT to be the funniest moment in my teaching career! What made it even better is a few days later, I walked into my room & found that one of my wonderful teamies had plastered my room with pictures of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs with speech bubbles. . . . . .

"Eat more chicken!"
"Got ranch?"
"We want to live!"

What a great way to start the day. I kept the guinea pigs up for days. Loved it!

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