Visual Plans for the last week of April

My week got side-tracked a bit last week. . . . sub on Tuesday, a doctor visit for me on Wednesday. Bleh. What a week. I've been under the weather & neglecting my poor little blog. Here's hoping for a better week this week!

We're going to be finishing up learning about rocks, & then starting with plants. Things are getting super busy! We only have 24 days left. . . . end of the year testing has begun, and I'm trying to get everything in. Wow! Only 24 days left! That's exciting . . . and just a little bit scary!

I found a cute little freebie to go along with the book Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale by Jan Carr. I actually just ordered it from Amazon after finding the freebie on TpT. Can't wait to read the book to my kiddos! According to the description on Amazon, "It's the moment all the punctuation marks have been eagerly awaiting: assignment time, There are plenty of open positions for apostrophes as contractions soon there's only one job left--for a possessive--and only one apostrophe to fill it: non other than Greedy Apostrophe. It's not long before his greed gets out of hand, and he jumps into signs where he doesn't belong." Sounds like a fun book! 

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Visual Plans--This Week We're ROCKIN'!

This week, we're beginning a study of rocks and minerals, we've got some fun planned for drawing conclusions, and we're writing about Earth Day. There's a busy, busy week ahead. . . . End of theYear Assessments have begun!
I'm especially looking forward to this super fun FREEBIE! Following along with a story, kiddos use different items to make a PBJ sandwich that mimics how sedimentary rocks are formed, fossils get into rocks, and how layer after layer presses down to form a rock. I can't wait to dive into this on Wednesday!

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Visual Plans~It's Earth Day & We're Cookin'!

We have such a super, super busy week ahead! Earth Day is a-comin', we're getting ready for our class science fair project, going on a field trip to the Recycling Center, and I have my observation during Math this week. Busy, busy, busy! I've got my visual plans up and ready to go. You'll notice we're doing A LOT with my I've Got Power! Solar Energy Pack. . .not only for Earth Day, but the solar cooking is going to be our science fair project.

There are LOADS of freebies in here this week, friends! In addition to my I've Got Power pack (if you download, please leave thoughtful feedback!),

we're also doing some activities from Tonya's Treats for Teachers' Earth Day Fun Pack (freebie!)

In addition to all the other fun, we're getting ready to start a big fairy tale unit, so we'll be reviewing Fantasy Vs. Reality with this super cute freebie from Tales from a Very Busy Teacher:

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Earth Day -- We're Cookin' Now! #GPearthday

Next week, my kiddos are going to be learning about renewable vs. non-renewable energy. We're going to be learning a lot about SOLAR energy to be exact! (Well. . . I hope so! Hoping the weather cooperates with us!). I've worked up this super fun (& super educational) pack.

After reading about renewable/non-renewable energy, and more about solar energy, we'll complete an interactive reader. Then we are going to make our own 
in which we will cook some gloriously delicious hotdogs. SUPER exciting! 

This is my class from a couple years ago setting up their solar cookers.

This time around, I've worked up a whole activity pack for the festivities. In addition to the reading activities, I added in vocab cards, and the interactive reader (kiddos have to choose the correct vocab to fit in the sentence and illustrate each page. How's that for assessing understanding? lol), there's
also a couple writing acitvities:
  • Write a letter to someone explaining the difference between renewable/non-renewable energy and tell why renewable energy is important to our environment.
  • Write How To make a solar cooker.
I'd love for you to check it out!  Just click the image below and you'll find a lesson plan template as well as a dropobox link to the activity pack. I love that it's a new and unique way to celebrate Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

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I am honored to help out Tamera over at My Heart Belongs in First with her fundraising sell to help raise money to fight EB in honor of a sweet little boy at her church. EB is a disease which causes the skin to blister or shear off at just the slightest touch. Just thinking of a little boy who should be running and tumbling around dealing with that painful disease breaks my heart. To read more about Jonah's story, click the image below.

For a small donation of just $10, you will receive $85 worth of products from 20 bloggers. I was more than happy to help out and have donated my Calendar Math Pack.

I hope you'll consider donating to this worthwhile cause. Please stop over at My Heart Belongs in First to check it out & donate!


Let's Get Acquainted~ I'm Stranded!

I'm joining in the fun with Flying in First Grade's Let's Get Acquainted Linky. For this week's topic, we're stranded on a deserted island . . .what three things would we have to have with us?

Here are mine:

1) An unlimited supply of contacts & contact solution. I would go insane if I had to wear my glasses 24/7! Especially in the heat! Blech!
2) Eyeliner. As the song goes. . ."You're never fully dressed without. . . " Oh. Wait. That was a smile.
Oh, well... . I've got to have my eyeliner or I just don't feel dressed.
3) Oh my gosh.. . . this is the hard one! The last item. So hard to decide. And I'm sure after I'm there I'll be like, "DARN! Wish I'd thought about THAT!" Goodness. Should it be something like a book? It'll probably be boring. Nah. . .I'd be done with that in like two days. Then what?

I suppose I should go with something super useful. How about a SWISS ARMY KNIFE? That ought to come in handy!

Yep. There I'll be. . .my eyes will look great, and I'll be seeing just fine with my contacts and all. . .armed with my handy dandy Swiss Army Knife. 
Oh goodness. 

I hope I'm never stranded on a deserted island!

Make sure you click over the Flying into First Grade and check out everyone who has linked up. I'm sure there'll be better ideas than mine! LOL

Before you click over, though, I want to share my latest update. Check it out. . . 
I updated the graphics and added a couple extra activities. I'm so excited I'm putting it on sale until tomorrow!

Visual Plans for April 8

Whew! What a great weekend! The weather here has just been B.E.A.U.Ti.FUL!!
So glad spring is finally here! So here are the plans for this week. . . . (just click the link to get a doc with clickable links for the units)
It probably looks like we're all over the place. It's a review week for us, so we've got lots of skills in there. AND . . there are tons of freebies in here, friends!

This week, we're finishing up our Weather Unit using Stephanie Stewart's fabulous Weather is Wild Pack. 

I am so excited about Reagan Tunstall's Picnic Pals Literacy Centers. This week, we're reviewing compound words, & I'm breaking out one of the cutest centers!
  I'll post pics later this week. . . wait til you see how adorable it is!

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Now, I'm heading outside. We're getting the fire pit ready and are roasting hotdogs and marshmallows tonight! Did I say how much I'm loving this weather?!

Reading Olympics *Seriously amp up your vocab*

Get Ready for Bloggy Olympics!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Join The 3AM Teacher, the Reading Olympians, and over 80 SUPREME education bloggers as we take you through a tour of the Reading Olympians Root Study Program!!

So this week, we really focused on vocabulary. I've tried lots and lots of ways to teach vocab, but I really like the way this program addresses vocabulary. It really focuses on base words and how knowing what the meaning of those roots can give you tons of info about a word's definition. And don't forget about those prefixes and suffixes! Woah, buddy. . . can they ever change the meaning of a word!

That is SO true! Let me tell you a little story. When my son was in the first grade, he came home from school one day not feeling well and having pain in his shoulder. A trip to the doctor later, we were told that he had a very rare condition: Pericarditis.
Hmm. Big word. But if you know a little bit about root words, you can figure it out. . .

Peri = prefix that means around
Card = heart
Itis = inflammation

See? Easy. Pericarditis is an inflammation of the lining that goes around the heart. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way! It's POWER!

 I love that this program gives even primary kiddos that same kind of power. Isn't it exciting that even primary kids can learn etymology?! 

So, here's what we did this week: We started with learning more about prefixes and suffixes. They really enjoyed choosing a base

word and cutting out the puzzle pieces and putting the pieces together to make new words. Having the then use the new word in a sentence really tells you a lot about if they're getting the meaning of the word.

We also started the Jr. Reading Olympians program. This one I LOVE! This is etymology, folks! Yes-- primary kiddos can be etymologyists! The program leads the kids through levels. After mastering the root words in one level, they move on to the next. We started on the Jr. Nike level. The roots in this level are:
  • aqua (water)
  • bio (life)
  • cent (hundred)
  • thermal (heat)
  • uni (one)
Each level has anchor charts, a student journal, chants for each base word, word ring cards, Take a look at a page fro the Jr. Nike level:  This is for the base word aqua. I like how there's a place for kiddos to 'collect' words with that base word.

I'm passing the torch on to the next terrific blogger...... Click the torch to learn more about the program and how she used it in her classroom!


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