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Earth Day -- We're Cookin' Now! #GPearthday

Next week, my kiddos are going to be learning about renewable vs. non-renewable energy. We're going to be learning a lot about SOLAR energy to be exact! (Well. . . I hope so! Hoping the weather cooperates with us!). I've worked up this super fun (& super educational) pack.

After reading about renewable/non-renewable energy, and more about solar energy, we'll complete an interactive reader. Then we are going to make our own 
in which we will cook some gloriously delicious hotdogs. SUPER exciting! 

This is my class from a couple years ago setting up their solar cookers.

This time around, I've worked up a whole activity pack for the festivities. In addition to the reading activities, I added in vocab cards, and the interactive reader (kiddos have to choose the correct vocab to fit in the sentence and illustrate each page. How's that for assessing understanding? lol), there's
also a couple writing acitvities:
  • Write a letter to someone explaining the difference between renewable/non-renewable energy and tell why renewable energy is important to our environment.
  • Write How To make a solar cooker.
I'd love for you to check it out!  Just click the image below and you'll find a lesson plan template as well as a dropobox link to the activity pack. I love that it's a new and unique way to celebrate Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


  1. I really hope the weather is on your side! I love the solar cookers! (and any chance to add food to the lesson plans!)

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. We've been working on energy, and I hadn't even thought of this idea! I hope the weather warms up for us here so I can think about trying it! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad