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Visual Plans--This Week We're ROCKIN'!

This week, we're beginning a study of rocks and minerals, we've got some fun planned for drawing conclusions, and we're writing about Earth Day. There's a busy, busy week ahead. . . . End of theYear Assessments have begun!
I'm especially looking forward to this super fun FREEBIE! Following along with a story, kiddos use different items to make a PBJ sandwich that mimics how sedimentary rocks are formed, fossils get into rocks, and how layer after layer presses down to form a rock. I can't wait to dive into this on Wednesday!

Once again, I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Peek at My Week Linky. Make sure you stop over & check out other visual plans!


  1. Lots of stuff going on! How do you like Susan's writing through the seasons pack? I got her research report one and it has been fantastic so I was curious to know about her other packs. I wanted to get into landforms and rocks but I'm not sure if I'll have time with the other themes I have to squeeze in. I have to refine my plans for next year to fit it all in :)

    1. I LOVE Susan't writing through the seasons! I use her writing packs A LOT! I know what you mean....29 days left & I'm trying to get it all in!