Vocabulary Strategy Pack

I just updated my Vocabulary Strategy Pack.
I updated the graphics and added a whole new activity. . .a student "Word Investigation Kit" booklet! 
Do you like the briefcase cover? Thanks to the very talented Ashley Hughes for the awesome graphics! There are two different graphic organizer pages that you can choose to make the booklets. (By the way. . . the font is NOT cut off in the actual product, I'm not sure why it's doing that here.). Besides the usual writing the word, its synonym and antonym, and adding an illustration, I also added a place for kiddos to identify the strategy that was used to determine the meaning of the word (trying to get some metacognitive practice in there!).

Are you ready for tomorrow? It's TBA's 2nd Birthday! And we're celebrating with the 
Ultimate Freebie Celebration!

You won't believe all the freebies the TBA Authors have pulled together for you!! Seriously!
It all starts tomorrow! Got paper and ink? If not, stock up!
Click the image to check it all out. .