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Back Home Again in Indiana...

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Here in Indiana, we've been enjoying "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing"-- The Indy 500. "The Race" has always been important in my family. My dad started going to the race with his 5 brothers way back in 1964. My family has gone to the race ever since. In fact the group going to to the race grew to 33 in in the 80's and 90's.

So for me, the weekend was always more than "The Race". . .it was a time to connect with extended family and enjoy great food, great company, and great conversation. Literally-- the race is "epic" in my family. My dad passed away about four years ago, and the event is not the same, but my husband, brother, sons, and their friends still go every year.

Actually, this is the first year my older son has been able to go for a few years. For three years, he was on the media staff at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Here's he is in this pic of Danica Patrick. He's the tall
guy right behind her looking all official with the headphones, and the official gear (yep. I'm a proud mom!).

Primary Possibilities also posted about Indy 500 traditions. They also have two fabulous freebies for you! Make sure you stop by and
check it all out!

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