Five for Friday!

Library Book Sale! 
Woohoo! Who doesn't love a book sale?! Check this out....$1 per bag. Gotta love it!
There are some awesome titles here, and they are in really good shape, too! (I want to know what their criteria is for discarding....these seem to good to dump for a $1 a bag!). That's right...I got all of these for only $2!
Now all I have to do is level them & get my library sticker on them

New Reading Log!
I met with my teamie to work on policies, etc. for the coming year. We are moving into new positions next year. Both she & I are teaching 1, 2, 3 Multi-age. But it's a completely new structure. Think fifty kids....two teachers. In fact, we are taking out a section of the wall between our two rooms. So, new policies. It almost feels like we're building from the ground
We are working on a new reading log. We'll have one for each month, with an award to be given at the end of the month. It's still in the works, but I can share the August cover (it's all about the cover....right? lol) and the award certificate.

My sweet little babies have now turned THREE! (Yes---- I'll probably call them 'the babies' until they are all grown up! lol) Piper and Catey are exactly one month apart.....SO fun! Piper's birthday is at the end of May, and Catey just had her's this week. Of course, grandma over-indulges.....not only did I get them individual gifts on their birthdays.....I also got what I call duplicate gifts. No need for tears, right?
So, for Piper's birthday, they both got Cinderella gowns, and for Catey's they each got Tinkerbell costumes. My little princesses!

 Clean Slate!
Stopped by my classroom. Here's the clean (ish) slate I am working with. Our custodian was able to locate tables for me that sorta match.....they're WAY better than the others I had: a couple blue, a few white, and some woodgrain, too. At least these are all wood grain! My room is NOT as big as it looks here!

Gettin' Excited for the Indiana Bloggers Meet Up!
  BIG thanks to Ciera (Adventures of Room 129) and Heather (Teaching Through Turbulence) got together earlier this week & finalized the plans for our meet up. I am so looking forward to it!
July 11th 1:00D in Speedway
Can't wait!
Wanna know more? Click the button to go to Heather's post! 

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It's All About the Math! Comprehension & a Linky!

Chapter 3 - Making Math Connections
Everyone who has linked up and shared their thoughts on this chapter did such a great job, I'm just gonna share the linky so you can read their posts and share with you my answers to a couple of the review and reflect questions at the end of the chapter.

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Question 1 - What ideas from this chapter do you plan to use in your classroom?
I really like the '____________ Makes Me Think Of......" Stretch. This is used as a brief warm up. Basically, it's an anchor chart. If you are using this as a warm up for a fractions lesson, for instance, you would title the anchor chart "FRACTIONS Makes Me Think Of....." Each child is then expected to write something on the chart. No numbers-- words. So, they might write cookies, pizza, cake, cooking, measuring, etc. I do like this as an activating strategy.

Another very similar strategy that I would like to use next year is "Sharing Class Connections with Anchor Charts". For this one, you are creating an anchor chart and kiddos are generating connections. For that Fractions lesson, kiddos might make these kinds of connections:
  • We made fraction kites last year.
  • My mom and I used fractions when we were measuring when we made brownies.

Question 2 -  Why did you select those ideas?
I think both of these strategies help kiddos activate their prior knowledge, and as they listen to each other share, they're likely to begin thinking of other connections they may have. I also truly appreciate the value of putting those connections in writing, collectively on paper to be posted and referred to as we continue to work on skills.

 I'm also linking up with Just Reed's 10 Pin Linky and sharing my top ten math pins....
What a CUTE fact family craftivity!

TaNgRaMs!! My kiddos LOVE tangram puzzles!

How about a HANDS ON way to understand time?! Brilliant!

This one is hands on and TASTY, too!! Doesn't this look like fun?!

And check out this CUTE activity for learning time!

LOVE this visual for rounding!

And let's talk about place value....Why is it so hard for some kiddos??
I love these pins for place value...

Place Value with The True Story of the Three Little Pigs? Fun!!

Mmmmm....another TASTY math activity!

And a place value scavenger hunt......who knew math was so FUN?!

SO hard to choose my final pin.......
I really like this math craftivity. So cute!!

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A Little Bloglovin'!

Only a few more days until Google Reader is gone! Have you moved over to bloglovin' yet?

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Rock N Learn Review! & Bloglovin' Hop!

Check out what arrived here at our house last week! Rock N Learn DVDs! There are four DVDs all about letter sounds and sight words. I was so happy to have the opportunity to review these! Now, I don't have access to my students right now, but I do have a granddaughter here who was absolutely thrilled when she saw me open the package!

So, we popped them in and sat down to check them out. I'll be honest...I was a little apprehensive about the DVDs being 'cheesy'. We started out with one of the sight word dvds, and I'm pleased to say that these videos really are engaging! I think they would go over quite well in a primary classroom. Piper, my granddaughter, really favored "Letter Sounds" (in fact practically begged us later to put it in for her!

In fact, she was sitting on the end of the couch watching with her headphones on, when suddenly we heard, "Double-U. |w|...|w|...|w|...wagon". We looked over and there she sat, just intently watching, and she continued on with the next few letters! And she is only THREE, folks! Just imagine what this could do for your kinders, or even some of your firsties! (I really, really like that it has the image of the lips so kiddos can SEE how the sound is made!).

Here is a little clip from the DVD:

The three sight word DVDs cover Dolch and Fry words.
  • Level 1 - all pre-primer Dolch words, the top 20 from Fry's, and more.
  • Level 2 -  all of the primer Dolch words and many words from Fry's list. 
  • Level 3 - all Dolch first-grade sight words and many from the Fry's list.
The cool thing about the DVDs is, although they kind of build upon the other, you don't need to have all three of them. You can choose the level that your students need.  Here is a clip from Sight Words Level 3.

Of course, these would be great to use with your children at home, but what about in the classroom?
I can see using the Letter Sounds one whole group in possibly a Kinder classroom, or at the beginning of the year in a First Grade room. I feel like the sight word dvds have too many words on them to use whole group and in the entirety at first. Here's how I am planning to use them:
  • Whole Group- View sections at a time to introduce and then to review words.
  • Workstations/Centers- How cool would this be at a station? I can definitely see using these at the computer station. I think my kiddos would LOVE them! And I think they would help kiddos internalize some of those words. 
Be on the look out for these at educents!  Currently, there are some Math Rock N Learn DVD sets on Rock N Learn website!
educents. I'm off to check them out at the

*Disclaimer - I received these complimentary DVDs in exhange for an honest review on my blog.*

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*Most Wanted* Linky!

Such a fun idea for a linky! And who doesn't love linkies??
Thanks to Molly at Classroom Confections for hosting this one!

My most wishlisted item is my Calendar Math Pack, and it's also my top selling item. No surprise to me, because it's also my favorite item. If you are looking for a way to embed math skills into your day, this is the product for you! I love that just taking 5 minutes to get this in helped my kiddos master telling time (to the minute eventually!), counting money, place value, and even expanded form! And a few others, as well!

I actually updated this a few months ago so that there are now a few color options for each of the board pieces.

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Lovin' Bloggin'....Blog Lovin'

I was so sad when I found out Google Reader was going to be no more. That's right. July more Google Reader. Let's face it...I love bloggin'...I love stalkin' blogs...I talkin' about blogs...I just love everything about it! I typically keep up with the many, many blogs I follow with Google Reader. And it's leaving?! Aiie!

It was clear I had to find a I looked around a bit and tested a couple out.... 
I decided to go with BlogLovin'
(the names just fitting...right?)

I've already moved all my Google Reader RSS Feed over to BlogLovin' and I AM lovin' it! 
S0....I'm all set. Are you?

Making the move is pretty simple. 
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Classroom Management ~ Ten Pin Linky!

Okay...I admit I just LOVE this graphic Ashley made for her weekly linky! How cute is that button? This week's Ten Pin Linky is all about classroom management. So, let's get rollin'!

1. First of all, I have to say that I am a firm believer that focusing on the positive makes a WORLD of difference! My school is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) model school. We focus on the positive-- what a particular behavior looks like, or feels like, for example, and reward positive behavior. Classroom/school expectations are taught and practiced. Rules are stated in the positive...Don't run = Walk in the hallways. Don't yell or use loud voices = Use soft or quiet voices.
I was super excited when I saw these Good News notes from Joy in 6th on pinterest. Promptly pinned and ready to print for next year!!

2. Of course, there are still times when a kiddo just needs to get out some energy. To give both the kiddo and yourself a small break, you can send him/her on a bogus important errand. Have you ever used this strategy? I have. It does work. In the past, I would quickly scrawl write out a note and send the child on the way. I really like this idea. . . have it all ready to go! No need to scrawl out a quick note. Grab the envelope and you're ready!

3. Of course, the best way to avoid behavior management issues is to make sure the tasks you assign are appropriate for each child. Acting out is often a result of frustration. If kiddos are constantly faced with expectations that are way out of their reach, you are likely to have acting out. Differentiation is a necessity for both student success and classroom management. Do you ever have kiddos ask why Billy Bob gets to _______? Or why Ben Bob doesn't have to __________? This pin leads to a creative way to explain to your class why we differentiate!

4. Power Pellets! How cute is this? Call out "Power Position"......kiddos all stop what they're doing, fold their arms, and look at the teacher. The first child to do so gets rewarded with a power pellet (skittles). Awesome!

5. I really like this visual these compliance cards give for kiddos that are having a hard time making good decisions. With this FREEBIE, kiddos can actually see their compliance and progress.

Whole Class Systems

6. And leave it to The Teacher Wife to come up with a super cute behavior management game like this....

7. Mmmmmm....brownies! Love these Brownie Points! The whole class earns a brownie. When the pan is full.........your choice of reward!

8. can pull a MyStErY rEwArD! LOVE this idea! Suspenseful AND exciting!!

 9. I also really like this idea! Kiddos get to draw a tile and then place it wherever they would like. Sounds like motivation to me!

10. And last, but not least........Do your kiddos EAT pencils? I swear mine do!
They are not FOOD, people! 
I am seriously thinking about trying this out next year!

Make sure you click over to Just Reed and check out the other link ups! I got so many great ideas last week!!


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