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Five for Friday!

Library Book Sale! 
Woohoo! Who doesn't love a book sale?! Check this out....$1 per bag. Gotta love it!
There are some awesome titles here, and they are in really good shape, too! (I want to know what their criteria is for discarding....these seem to good to dump for a $1 a bag!). That's right...I got all of these for only $2!
Now all I have to do is level them & get my library sticker on them

New Reading Log!
I met with my teamie to work on policies, etc. for the coming year. We are moving into new positions next year. Both she & I are teaching 1, 2, 3 Multi-age. But it's a completely new structure. Think fifty kids....two teachers. In fact, we are taking out a section of the wall between our two rooms. So, new policies. It almost feels like we're building from the ground
We are working on a new reading log. We'll have one for each month, with an award to be given at the end of the month. It's still in the works, but I can share the August cover (it's all about the cover....right? lol) and the award certificate.

My sweet little babies have now turned THREE! (Yes---- I'll probably call them 'the babies' until they are all grown up! lol) Piper and Catey are exactly one month apart.....SO fun! Piper's birthday is at the end of May, and Catey just had her's this week. Of course, grandma over-indulges.....not only did I get them individual gifts on their birthdays.....I also got what I call duplicate gifts. No need for tears, right?
So, for Piper's birthday, they both got Cinderella gowns, and for Catey's they each got Tinkerbell costumes. My little princesses!

 Clean Slate!
Stopped by my classroom. Here's the clean (ish) slate I am working with. Our custodian was able to locate tables for me that sorta match.....they're WAY better than the others I had: a couple blue, a few white, and some woodgrain, too. At least these are all wood grain! My room is NOT as big as it looks here!

Gettin' Excited for the Indiana Bloggers Meet Up!
  BIG thanks to Ciera (Adventures of Room 129) and Heather (Teaching Through Turbulence) got together earlier this week & finalized the plans for our meet up. I am so looking forward to it!
July 11th 1:00D in Speedway
Can't wait!
Wanna know more? Click the button to go to Heather's post! 

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  1. Oh my gosh!! What a great deal from the library. I would totally be all over that! I am always trying to find new books to fill my library. I'm going to have to check local libraries and see if they offer it.

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