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It's All About the Math! Comprehension & a Linky!

Chapter 3 - Making Math Connections
Everyone who has linked up and shared their thoughts on this chapter did such a great job, I'm just gonna share the linky so you can read their posts and share with you my answers to a couple of the review and reflect questions at the end of the chapter.

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Question 1 - What ideas from this chapter do you plan to use in your classroom?
I really like the '____________ Makes Me Think Of......" Stretch. This is used as a brief warm up. Basically, it's an anchor chart. If you are using this as a warm up for a fractions lesson, for instance, you would title the anchor chart "FRACTIONS Makes Me Think Of....." Each child is then expected to write something on the chart. No numbers-- words. So, they might write cookies, pizza, cake, cooking, measuring, etc. I do like this as an activating strategy.

Another very similar strategy that I would like to use next year is "Sharing Class Connections with Anchor Charts". For this one, you are creating an anchor chart and kiddos are generating connections. For that Fractions lesson, kiddos might make these kinds of connections:
  • We made fraction kites last year.
  • My mom and I used fractions when we were measuring when we made brownies.

Question 2 -  Why did you select those ideas?
I think both of these strategies help kiddos activate their prior knowledge, and as they listen to each other share, they're likely to begin thinking of other connections they may have. I also truly appreciate the value of putting those connections in writing, collectively on paper to be posted and referred to as we continue to work on skills.

 I'm also linking up with Just Reed's 10 Pin Linky and sharing my top ten math pins....
What a CUTE fact family craftivity!

TaNgRaMs!! My kiddos LOVE tangram puzzles!

How about a HANDS ON way to understand time?! Brilliant!

This one is hands on and TASTY, too!! Doesn't this look like fun?!

And check out this CUTE activity for learning time!

LOVE this visual for rounding!

And let's talk about place value....Why is it so hard for some kiddos??
I love these pins for place value...

Place Value with The True Story of the Three Little Pigs? Fun!!

Mmmmm....another TASTY math activity!

And a place value scavenger hunt......who knew math was so FUN?!

SO hard to choose my final pin.......
I really like this math craftivity. So cute!!

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  1. These are wonderful and fun activities for math!Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love all the activities that you shared and am excited to try some of these in my own class.
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